Professional Security Services in the Greater Montreal Area specifically targeted to your needs.

Guard & Patrol

Guarding is an extremely important aspect for the security of your business; we are able to offer you a security service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week according to your needs. Our agents all have a permit from the BSP private security office and are ready to intervene quickly in an emergency, patrol your facilities to avoid any damage or other as well as prevent the behaviour of certain visitors or customers.

Patient Escort

Our professional guards will escort a patient from the hospital to the courthouse and back.

Health Centers

Our guards are trained and specialized in pandemic response, COVID-19 protocols, working in partnership with IUHSCC, Private Seniors' Residences, and Vaccination clinics. Limit the spread of the coronavirus and conform to Government Health Regulations with security services specific to your needs: Symptoms screening, Face mask distribution, maintain resident & visitor logbooks, enforce hand washing & social distancing, manage flow, crowd control, protect clinic staff, etc.

Events and Bar

Nowadays private security plays a big role in securing the premises during a special event We offer you a full range of private security for your restaurant or bar, or event.

Access Control

We offer you a service tailored to your needs, whether it is to secure access to your store/ facility or to enforce health regulations such as social distancing.

Construction Site Supervision

Prevent theft and vandalization of your tools, supplies and site. Add due diligence with security guards to stop passersby from entering your site, thus avoiding possible injury and litigation.

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